Kyknosia (the ritual)

Last night we had our ritual for Kyknosia. I wish if I had any forethought I would have found my daughter’s small recorder instrument to be like a small flute, a sort of piping for the sun. Still we had fun with the lyre. We read hymns to Apollon and to the sun (as the sun should not be discluded, for though we see the bright fingers of Apollon from his chariot as the sun approaches, there is still the sun holding its place in the sky over which he has rulership). My daughter gave the god sweettarts candy that she set before the swan statue. You cannot see it in th epicture because the picture was taken at the beginning of the ritual. We offered the god a libation of pure water.

In the picture you will see that the silk sunflower has been replaced with budded branches from our yard, to symbolize the presence of spring, though otherwise it is completely disguised with all of the snow we have on the ground here). Ideally I would like to have got budded apple branches, but that will have to wait and see if I can get some budded apple branches next year. This year it wasn’t possible sadly. Also next year I plan on putting more amber into the swan. The small amount inside and the necklace around the neck of the swan were all I could afford to buy this year. Still it was a pleasant surprise when I woke up and saw half of the amber lifted up to the back of the swan, doubtlessly due to water pressure šŸ™‚

I misread my calender and had missed the dates for the lesser mysteries of Demeter so I will do something belated today for Persephone and Demeter. Memo to me, I need to print the calendar out and tack it to the wall if I can’t remember the dates for the month LOL. And for the next Apollon festival, Delphinia, is next in the planning, it is coming in April šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Kyknosia (the ritual)

  1. I went the first few months without the calender printed out and it just did *not* work. Printing it out and having it to hand is very, very good. At least it’s only March?

    This sounds like it was a beautiful ritual. I’m marveling this year at how different spring is, depending on where in the world you are. The feel of the season, the way it changes . . . for me, growing up in New England and spending most of my life in that part of the country, “Spring” in the past has felt of bitter cold with a hint of warmth to it, a flopping of the winter’s bitter cold, so that it . . . felt or smelled or something . . . like freezing, but warmth that was freezing and would thaw, rather than a biting cold that would just get colder and could sometimes be less cold. Here, though, that day, when the change from winter to spring happens, happens in December, and the actual first day of Spring has magnolias and cherry blossoms and tulips, and early spring flowers are on their last legs, and it’s just bizarre to me, even though it’s my second year of it. The ground should still be frozen, in my mind, except, the ground never actually freezes here. hee.

    • what I meant is I am happy that I didn’t go the whole year without printing it out šŸ™‚
      Yes you are quite right at how different spring is in different parts. While everyone is enjoying beautiful flowers, we are having our break-up season. This is a faux spring. We don’t get a real spring here, just break up as everything begins to rapidly turn to slush šŸ™‚
      Yet I have lived in the south too where I am watching the spring flowers pushing up in december just like you said. That is something I miss about the south. And I have lived in Washington where spring was just wet and chilly and miserable šŸ˜‰

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