Apollon the mouse god

I finished reading a great article that I had started some time ago, that address the god as the averter and bringer of plague, and that association with mice. I think that this is very interesting since averting the illnesses of civilization (like the plague) is a powerful function of Apollon, enough so that it is what made the Roman import him into their worship when they were devastated by such forces. What I think is also interesting though, is that while mice have the connotation with disease and sickness, and death, there is another thing that is quite apparent for anyone who has lived in a small town near a farming community, and that is that they are also crop destroyers. Not only do they portend doom with eating holes through human clothes, but they also eat the crops and the stores of grain… most partiularly the stores of grain. The barn cat has had a great career for detering these vermin.

With Pyanepsia is occurs to me that something of what is going on, along with the departure of Apollon and the final harvests and offerings coinciding with that, that it would be logical that the mouse who shows up in the darkest hours and devours all, could be a pertinent symbol.

I am really wanting to do a painting of Apollon, either with mice at his feet, or riding a mouse rather like Dionysos riding the leopard *grin*. I think if I have it finished by autumn (which I am sure I would) it would be a fun addition to the celebration. I like the idea of him riding the mouse and his hand outstretched in front of him as if warding off illness and famine.


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