Apollons Library

Though I have a severely depleted book collection, due to moving where I had to donate a large number of books to the public library because I couldn’t afford to ship them all, I have decided as part of my devotion to the god who champions enlightenment, is to open a small lending library. As his priestess I will also be his librarian apparently. This will have Hellenic and a few choice Roman books, and a large number of books on the gods (not just Apollon LOL).

For those who want specific information, and know what they want, but don’t want the entire book shipped to them for a peice of information all they have to do is send me a note and I will look up said information and email it to them with book citation. Otherwise the person who wants the book will need to send money for shipping the book and will be obligated to ship the book back within a month.

I have felt nudged in this direction for a while, so I am finally acting on it 🙂 Though I have meager offerings at the moment, I anticipate it growing rapidly as I am quite the book nut 🙂 Also I will be able to have some real world stuff to put on a website for him.. my own little online temple to Apollon!


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