Spring Equinox

The spring equinox is this weekend, and accompanying this time period is the Lesser Mysteries of Eleusis which naturally I will celebrate. But as I was mentioning on Kyklos Apollon, on the day of equinox itself, I am having a beautiful festival for Apollon, that at this moment (until I think of a better name) I am calling the Festival of the Swans.

In an article I am reading called Apollon Kyknos, it mentions that there was this island in the north that during every spring equinox would have celebration to Apollon, celebrating the returning season of swan migration. Now for those who haven’t lived in the far northern regions, the swans who grace the warmer climates in the winter all come to us in the far north for nesting. The far north is the birth place of swans. Here in AK we get the beautiful trumpeters, in Russia and Siberia they get the massive migrations from much of Europe. For a northern living individual this ritual sparks a certain appeal to me, and withthe equalizing of night and day with the true beginning of spring, the light being under the domain of Apollon, this makes this a beautiful ritual to come! I have one small swan figurine on my shrine. I wish I had swan feathers, but I think they are illegal to have.. maybe. I can’t recall. Swan feathers would be a beautiful addition to the shrine for this festival!

It makes a beautiful half step between Apollon’s return to Delphi, and Delphinia next month!


2 thoughts on “Spring Equinox

  1. “Valgrind’s” comment is actually from me. Hee. Sharing computers is fun. Please delete that one? I’ll repeat it:

    That sounds like a beautiful ritual. I can’t wait to read more about it. Pictures would totally rock, too.

    Actually, any pictures at all you may want to post of Alaska would totally rock.

    • thanks! I will definitely post pics! I think I posted a pic from my welcome to Apollon… I am pretty sure I did. All of the candles are hard to miss lol. I always take pics during my ritual. We suffer from abundant of pics between me and my daughter šŸ™‚
      I will see if I can find some choicey pics of Alaska and post them. I am determined to get out and get a pic of the sunrise…brave the snow lol. Maybe I will try that this weekend! It would tie in nicely to my spring equinox ritual I think!

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