white Apollon

The color white, the purest color in nature, the color of snow, of quartz crystals, of ice, of smoke, and of blinding light. Though I associate with Apollon such solar colors as orange and yellow, or the blues of the sunlit sky, really above all it is white. White is the purest form of light before it is broken into its prism of colors, so as such all colors belong to Apollon if white belongs to him foremost. If you take a crystal and hold it to the light you can see the refraction of blues, greens, pinks, and all colors of the rainbow. The rainbow itself is this refraction of light against raindrops lingering in the sky. Or the aurora borealis, as solar flares refract against our atmosphere. It is the purity of light hitting a filter. So in this way I view Apollon as the unfiltered essence of all color. All of the things we see in all of its glory is do to Apollon. Without light hitting object and our eyes, our world would be colorless and dull, and it would be dark to get right down to the point, because we wouldn’t even be able to see in black and white without some measure of light. He bears the many hues like an artist with his palate. When the sun descends the horizon we gasp in awe of the many colors light up the sky in the final glory of the day, which to me seems to change radically in location and season. I have seen the pale oranges and yellows of a sunset like some whispy dream curling around the end of the day, and then I have also seen the most royal shades of orange and red like the sky is painted with fire, or even days ending in pink and purple touching around the edges of burgundy in the heavens. But the father of all of this is the white light, the single color composing all colors in it core. Even the yellow sunbeams that we associate with light is the work of natural filters. The trees filtering down the light onto the ground. Or the grass reflecting the light back to the sun from it sharp blades, or my personal favorite (much shared favorite with many dogs and cats), the window cutting the sun light creating warm rays on the carpet. But it all begins with white, a color much often associated with purity and purification and healing, things much in the realm of this beloved god.


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