Apollon’s devotional “prayer” card

So the prayer card that I am making for Apollon is almost done, this is one in the deck of 12 Olympians I am doing as a devotional item for travel purposes, or as I mentioned elsewhere— as a sort of random pulling of cards. Apollon is turning out rather nice. It is a rear profile prominantly displaying the gods cloak and quiver. The cloak is where most of the decoration is. I have a dolphin, a swan, and a wolf in the fabric and the hint of a phoenix. At the hem is laurel leaves. The god is holding the sun in his hand to show that he is not the sun, but is rather the king of the sun… the light of the sun. I can’t wait until it is finished being inked and I color it with oil pastel pencils.

Hail Apollon, most beautious of the gods, bright shining heavenly one!


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