So last night ws the weekly kyklos ritual. It is a little strange sometimes that I am doing ritual sback to back to saturday…one  for Artemis and then also the kyklos ritual right after that. Kyklos Apollon is geared towards Sunday but delphi dawn. Now Sundays are my weekly rituals to Apollon, and Saturdays are for my weekly rituals to Artemis. But since Delphi dawn is 9pm AK time, well you can imagine it is still well into saturday when I am doing it. It is not even late saturday lol.

Tommorow is Asklepia, but I am not sure what I am going to do since I have never celebrated this festival. It seems like an important festival to keep though now that I am aware of it since it is a ritual honoring the son of Apollon. If I make Hycinathia part of my yearly calendar, then Asklepia should get put in as well I imagine 🙂

The thing to consider for this ritual is the symbol of the serpent connected to Askhlepos, serpents are also connected to Apollon if we think of Python, and the serpent arrows of Apollon–his arrows described as serpents connects the snake to solar powers, that which can be beneficial and destructive. So we see also Askhlepos with his serpent and in connection to medical science the ability to transform venom from its dangerous form to use medicinally to help people. It strikes up images of burning out fevers, the raw fiery essence of cures that often are uncomfortable, maybe dangerous, and may very well be painful. A purification of the body in some ways. Just some musings here 🙂


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