Day 4

First thing is first, I an a flash of insight last night that 9 days was completely going overboard, especially when I only had three days specifically planned in my notes…. first day, second day, and ninth day….that shows a problem. But that didn’t occur to me until after the bit of inspiration mid ritual. It boils down to that I will end this year on five days. Days 2 , 3 and 4 have been echoing each other a bit as the god is traveling in the ritual… so unless I can think of more things to fill the days (and really I don’t ignore inspiration that pointed quite firmly to 3 days as being adequate) then I will limit it to a three day celebration honoring Apollon in Hyborea, Apollon Lykeios as he is traveling from the northern land, and Apollon in Delphi on the third day. So today as the fith day will be the last to give a big hurrah rather than pulling out for a further several days. When inspiration comes i go with it, it has always worked for me 🙂

That said tonight on my way home from work I will stop and get some beautiful white flowers… I am trying to decide between gladiolas, lillies, and dahlias.

Last night we had a lovely ritual. My daughter insisted on giving her own gift to the god and found a wrapped hard candy in red foil paper that she had got for valentine’s day that she promptly gave to the god. I gave him a small blue dolphin pendant since the symbolism of the Dolphin dwelling in some hidden place and then coming above seemed quite appropriate for the ritual. We both played the lyre a bit, since the ritual was done early enough to allow this, and since my sister had made brownies we finished off our night with brownies and milk 🙂 Not a bad way to spend our fourth night!


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