Apollon in Hyperborea

The tugging sensation I mentioned I felt specifically in that prayer I feel has something to do with the fact that I was praying to Apollon specifically with this in mind. It was incredible but I think it was a reminder that even though I was honoring him as if he was far away he is always near at hand and I am not to forget it 🙂 Like his version of a nudge I guess. In coming back to Alaska it has made more aware of the dark months as his journey takes the light away. The darkness of the winter is something else up here, and the sun barely rides the horizon before it disappears again. I honor Apollon as he is in Hyperborea but I never feel that seperation, in fact this time almost feels more intense and personal. I do miss the aurora borealis though. The activity here has been low the last couple of years and sadly it is low again this year. Nothing makes me think more of Apollon than that intimant dance of soft light across the sky!


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